Chef Jennifer Doig

A native of Antigo, Wisconsin, Jennifer Doig found her calling after spending time abroad in England and North-Western Europe. Traveling the world helped her realize she wanted to explore the inner workings of world cultures through cuisine. Upon her return, she promptly enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. Moving to the east coast and then down to north central Arkansas Jennifer is extremely excited to join Ridge Pointe Country Club as their new leader in the food and beverage department.
Jennifer worked in offsite catering during her tenure at C.H.I.C., cultivating a base for her front of the house and back of the house experience. After graduation, she worked at Loyola University, Hels Kitchen Catering, Phil Stefani’s Restaurant group, and Work of Art at Harpo Studios. Work of Art is where Jennifer would say she developed her high standard of excellence. She saw firsthand the wonderful results of hard work and persistence that one can achieve when you surround yourself with people who share your vision. Towards the end of her tenure there Jennifer was fortunate enough to accompany Harpo Studio’s staff on a cruise around the Mediterranean where she reignited her passion while experiencing the cuisines in Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Malta.  
Moving to the east coast for a Sous Chef position with Dolce International and then Destination Hotels and Resorts, Jennifer expanded her knowledge of seafood and Italian cookery. During her time at the Hilton flag property, Jennifer expertly managed events, developed creative menus and worked with individuals to create memorable experiences. Jennifer worked under Chef Jayson DeMarco for 5 years learning techniques in butchery, sous vide cooking and restaurant production.
Jennifer has two young children and is married to Scott Doig a professor at ASU. When she is not chasing around her children she has a passion for volleyball. Her passion led her to spend many years as a Junior Olympic volleyball coach, as well as time spent playing on the USAV semi-pro tour in both indoor and sand volleyball venues.
Jennifer is very excited to be a part of the future of Ridge Pointe Country Club and can’t wait to get to know the members!
If you would like to book an event with us please feel free to email Jennifer at She is excited to share her new menus with everyone.